Coulisse Contract Collection presented in three binders and available online

7 March 2019

We would love to support you with our products, concepts and knowledge and help you be successful in the contract business. Because of different market segments and a variety of projects, ranging from office buildings to projects in the hospitality industry, we offer two Beauty Collections - Beauty Texture and Beauty Screen - as well as a Function collection, presented in three functional binders. The complete collection including specifications is also available on our website. Discover them now or scroll down to view our binders!

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Function collection

The Function collection includes powerful fabrics with a modern look, available in timeless architectural color tones. It allows the blinds to perfectly blend in with the space. The fabrics offer ultimate functionality in terms of thermal and visual comfort.

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Beauty Texture collection

The fabrics in the Beauty Collection allow for creating a stylish statement in any space. The Beauty Texture range includes beautiful wool, cotton and linen textures with a soft touch that brings warmth in the interior.

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Beauty Screen collection

The Beauty Screen collection includes special screen varieties with either a warm natural look or a glamourous luxury look. The timeless color palettes allow for creating a luxurious atmosphere.

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