Coulisse introduces highly functional screen SATINE

7 November 2018

Coulisse introduces the new screen fabric SATINE. This highly functional dark screen reflects the majority of the heat and filters daylight, creating the ultimate thermal and visual comfort.

Reflecting up to 64% solar energy
Thanks to its refined satin weave screen SATINE has a light-colored backing, which ensures a high solar reflectance. Combined with Coulisse’s special ASSET technology in the dark-colored yarns, this results in a solar reflection up to 64%. The dark yarns and translucency of screen SATINE create a pleasant outward view typical for dark-colored screens, allowing for contact with the outside world and offer a feeling of spaciousness. This creates a higher sense of well-being and has a positive effect on productivity.

Reduce your carbon footprint
As a result, screen SATINE ensures optimal energy savings and helps to create a naturally cooler indoor climate. This contributes to the strategy of Coulisse, in which sustainability is a key-focus. Convinced that window covering can be an inspirational platform for purposeful growth, Coulisse set out a mission: not only be the best OF the world, but also be the best FOR the world. In doing so, Coulisse commits itself to contribute to 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. With the optimal energy savings that screen SATINE ensures, Coulisse contributes to goal 7: affordable and clean energy.

Coulisse Collection
Screen SATINE is part of the Function Collection of Coulisse Contract. This collection includes powerful fabrics with a modern look, available in timeless architectural colors. It allows the blinds to perfectly blend in with any space. The fabrics offer ultimate functionality in terms of thermal and visual comfort. Visit to discover all the extraordinary screens of the Coulisse Collection, in which beauty and function come together.

Screen SATINE is available in three architectural dark colors and has an openness factor of 3%. Thanks to its width of 300cm, the screen is perfect for the application on windows and facades in public buildings, such as hospitals and hotels