Daylight control in office buildings

3 December 2019

Daylight is of vital importance to humankind. Next to the positive impact of daylight on our visual comfort, health and performance, daylight is crucial to our circadian rhythm, which regulates our body’s internal clock. How can we maximize the benefits of daylight, while nowadays we spend most of the time indoors?

Daylight in buildings

Buildings usually have glass facades that affect the amount of daylight available indoors. For optimal daylighting, neutral, unfiltered glazing should be combined with window coverings that contribute to three criteria: maximizing daylight, creating optimal indoor lighting conditions and reducing energy use. The secret of such particular window covering solutions lies in the exceptional properties of high performance fabrics.

High performance fabrics

With their unique technical specifications, high performance fabrics allow for perfect natural light management in buildings, resulting in improved productivity and well-being for users. This involves the technical aspects of glare control, which is the extent to which light enters a building through windows, and view through, which is the degree of view from inside the building to the outside world.

The high performance fabrics in our collection control the incoming light, while ensuring a good view through to the outside world. In addition, the fabrics contribute to the reduction of energy use and a cooler indoor climate, by reflecting the sunlight. Discover our high performance fabrics, download the specification sheets, request sample cards or contact us for advice. We are happy to help you creating the best specification for your projects.

Screen Asset (3 colors)

Thanks to a special finishing, revolutionary dark-colored screen ASSET helps to create a cooler indoor climate, while ensuring a great view outside. Screen Asset opens up the possibility to apply dark-colored screens for a powerful look, without having to sacrifice functionality in terms of light and heat control.

Screen Asset

Screen Satine (3 colors)

Screen SATINE reflects up to 64% solar energy, thanks to the combination of the special finishing and the satiné weave texture.

Screen Satine

Screen Reflection (6 colors)

Screen REFLECTION reflects heat and filters natural daylight to the inside to prevent glare, regardless of the chosen color. Thanks to its metallized backing it has a solar reflection of up to 76%.

Screen Reflection

Screen Natural Metallized (6 colors)

Screen NATURALS METALLIZED is available with and without a metallized backing that reflects solar energy and filters the light in a natural way. The screen is available in openness factors of 2%, 3% and 5%.

Natural Metallized 2% Naturals Metallized 3% Natural Metallized 5%