Reference projects

Coulisse window coverings can be found in projects all over the globe. Together with our partners we help you to create the perfect solution for your windows and facades.

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Other references

Avast - Prague, Czech Repiblic

Architect: Vrtiska. Zák

Axis - Krakow, Poland

Architect: Artur Jasinski

City Tower - Sofia, Bulgaria

Architect: Galin Vasilev

Marina One - Singapore

Architect: Ingenhoven Architects

Florentium - prague, Czech Republic

Architect: Cigler Marani Architects

LÓreal HQ- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Architect: RRA

NIKMI -Sofia, Bulgaria

Architect: Vanya Stoyanova and Alexander Bahchevanski

Odebrecht - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Architect: Itda Aflalo Gasperini architects

Sportshub Singapore - Singapore

Architects: DP Architects

Rangsit University - Bangkok, Thailand

Architect: Faculty of Architecture

Marriott Fairfield Inn Hotels - USA

Architects: Global Design Group by Marriott

Plaza Hotel - Tirana, Albania

Architect: 51N4E