Reggefiber Office building - Rijssen, the Netherlands

Project Reggefiber
Location Rijssen, the Netherlands
System Absolute roller motorized & Venetian 25mm. Alu.
Fabric Screen metallic & perforated alu
Partner Indivipro Netherlands BV
Architect Ritzen Architecten
Markt segment Office

For its new headquarters, Dutch fiberglass company Reggefiber, was looking for an interior window covering solution to match the round shapes and robust materials, such as stone, wood and glass, that characterize their headquarters. 

The Coulisse solution for Reggefiber consists of motorized Venetian blinds in perforated aluminium. The horizontal line play of the Venetian blinds is a subtle contrast with the round shapes of the headquarters and creates a powerful, yet timeless look. In addition, they offer the perfect functionality in terms of natural light management and privacy. 

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